WM Pollinator Garden Partnership

  • April 29, 2024
  • Posted By: Pennsbury Manor

Habitat loss and degradation pose a major threat to populations of pollinators. In response, WM converted an unused grass field near Pennsbury Manor into a thriving meadow. WM’s pollinator garden is flush with 44 native plant species as well as pollinators like bees and monarch butterflies. This year, the Wildlife Habitat Council gave the pollinator garden a gold certification.

Pennsbury Manor is a proud partner in WM’s Pollinator Project, a community-wide initiative that includes WM’s pollinator garden and gardens at partner sites like Pennsbury Manor. The project seeks to fill community gardens with native pollen-rich plants like milkweed while combating invasive plant species. They then track the growth of pollinators and educate students about the importance of these unsung heroes of the garden.

For our upcoming William Penn’s World field trips, WM employees will be leading groups of students in an activity about pollinators. We, and especially our bees, appreciate WM’s work to help our gardens flourish!


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