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Distance Learning

Distance Learning

A distance learning program from Pennsbury Manor is a great way to bring history to your students from afar! Whether you are in the classroom, at home, or using hybrid learning, a distance learning lesson could be the perfect fit for you. This program requires a strong internet connection and access to a virtual learning platform. For more information or to book your program, please email our Education Program Coordinator, Kerry Scott, at c-kerscott@pa.gov. Two weeks’ advance booking is recommended.

Life on a 17th-Century Colonial Estate

What was life like in the late 17th century? Told through the use of primary sources and interactive activities, this program shares the stories of individuals who lived in early Pennsylvania. Each story demonstrates what life was like for men and women, free and enslaved, Native American and immigrant. Together, these stories illustrate the diversity of colonial life as well as providing a basis for understanding the historical process.

Included in your booking are materials for a hands-on activity to accompany the program and a virtual orientation session for teachers.

Discounts available for Title I schools; contact us for details.

Grade Level: recommended for grades 3-5
Program Length: 45 minutes

Pennsbury Manor | Distance Learning
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