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Sponsor An Animal

Sponsor An Animal

The animals at Pennsbury Manor play an important role in the overall interpretation of William Penn and daily life in 17th century Pennsylvania. They provide a tangible link to our historic past, are an integral part of our educational programming, and are enormously popular with visitors of all ages. The purpose of the Pennsbury Animal Fund helps to provide for the ongoing care of the ever popular animals at Pennsbury Manor; maintaining existing animal programming and developing new interpretive programming using our living collection of farm animals. Pennsbury Manor’s Animal Program is completely volunteer-operated and is supported solely by the Pennsbury Society, the non-profit 501C (3) support organization and donations from visitors! Animal sponsors will receive quarterly updates about our animals in a newsletter, as well as advance notice about opportunities to meet the animals.


Meet our Animal Family:

Michael the Oxen

Meet Michael, the star of the show

Michael and Roger came to us two years ago at the age of 10 from a working farm in northern Maine. They are relatives of Bill and Red, the prior oxen team at Pennsbury Manor. Visitors might recall how our gentle Bill would let people come right up and give him pets. We chose to bring this oxen team to Pennsbury because they have the same calm demeanor as their predecessors.

Michael is a ham who loves when the spotlight is on him. He particularly enjoys when guests feed him bananas and will eat the peel right out of their hands. Can we count on you to help keep Michael healthy and happy?

Roger the Oxen

Meet Roger, the stoic leader

Roger is a bit of a contradiction. He is introverted while his counterpart Michael is extroverted. While Michael basks in the spotlight when he’s around people, Roger prefers to stay in the background. Despite his shy personality, Roger is the leader of the oxen team. This means that when the oxen are yoked, he listens out for directions and makes the turns.

We monitor Michael and Roger’s diet to prevent them from getting too heavy for their achy joints. While we like to keep Michael and Roger on the lighter side, between the two of them they consume roughly 15,000 pounds of hay each year! Your donation will go a long way to giving Roger a long, happy life.

TC the horse

Meet TC, the former track star

TC is our 30-year-old Standardbred horse. Her dad was a competitive racehorse, and TC (Touch of Class) was a bred for the track. Now her racing days are behind her, and she’s enjoying a peaceful retirement. She came to us through the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding retired racehorses a good home.

As a former athlete, TC has some nagging injuries from her time on the track. She has a damaged back leg that we bandage up and a crack in her hoof that we place a healing cream over. We provide her with farrier appointments and orthotic horseshoes every 6 weeks to keep her legs healthy. TC also had to get her tooth pulled this summer, which cost around $1,500. We would do anything for our animals to make sure they have the best quality of life. Your donation will help TC live the best possible life for a horse.

Remembering Sophia

Rest in Peace, Sophia, the matriarch of Pennsbury Manor. 

At 15-year-old, she was the most senior member of our flock. This distinguished lady put in her time as leader of the flock and has recently passed on. She was a purebred Lincoln Longwool, considered to be the most desirable breed for wool textiles. One look at her long locks and rich silver coloring, and it was clear Sophia was meant for the runway.

We will miss you, Sophia.

Clover the goose

Meet Clover, Pennsbury’s Mother Goose

Clover’s white feathers are the clear giveaway in a gaggle of gray-feathered birds. Clover is a 10-year-old Embden goose, a large breed commonly used for meat. She is the boss who keeps the other ladies in check when they are causing trouble. Some might call our geese nosey, but we like to describe them as inquisitive. They don’t want to be left out of the action!

Unfortunately, Clover had a medical emergency that required life-saving surgery. The procedure was successful, but she now requires specialty medication to treat her condition. While we are cautiously optimistic, Clover may need to undergo further procedures in the future. With your generosity we will be able to give Clover the medical care she needs.

Sage the Sheep

Meet Sage, our cuddly wether (a boy)

Whereas most sheep act, well, sheepish towards humans, Sage is very fond of people. He loves getting pets on his neck and back. Sage and his sister Lavender’s names were selected from a naming contest held by the school that sponsored them to come here as lambs. Now a middle-aged wether, Sage is thriving at Pennsbury Manor.

Sage was born with crooked legs, which places extra stress on his joints. We give him medication for his joints twice a week. In addition, our sheep are shorn once a year to make sure they stay cool in the summertime and will have enough protection from the cold come winter. Will you help give Sage a stress-free retirement?

Briar & Bramble

Meet Briar and Bramble, sheep-in-training

These sibling lambs came to us January 10th of this year, making them the newest additions to the barn. Bramble is a whether (boy) and Briar is a ewe (girl). If you look closely, you can see where Bramble’s horns are growing in. You can tell them apart by the black spot on Bramble’s ear. We keep Briar and Bramble separate from the flock so we can gradually make them comfortable around people. They will call out to their mom, Hazel, when she and the other sheep are out grazing. They cannot wait until they are trained and able to rejoin their mom and the rest of the flock. We are happy to report that they are making great progress towards that goal. We are excited that they are calm and quiet when eating food. Their next milestone is being able to recognize their name when called. Your donation will help give Briar and Bramble excellent care as they learn to socialize with humans.

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