An actor playing William Penn and 2 other colonial actors are participating in a trial

William Penn In Your Classroom

Manor House to School House: William Penn in Your Classroom

How would your students like to learn about the founding of Pennsylvania from the man himself? All Manor House to School House programs are provided by William Penn in the classroom. Each program runs 45-60 minutes in length and can accommodate up to two classes at a cost of $250.  An additional program on the same day is $100. Call the Education Program Coordinator at 215-946-0400 to book your Manor House to School House program at least two weeks in advance.

The Penn Mead Trial
Hats on? Hats off? When to take your hat off and when to keep your hat on your head was quite important in seventeenth-century England!  William Penn is arrested and brought to trial for causing a riot in the streets of London.  Revisit this important 1670 court case to understand how this trial influenced Penn’s ideals about justice and fairness.  Students are assigned roles in the case and act as the jury.

The Voyage of the Welcome
Travel to America was no luxury cruise.  In 1682, William Penn sailed to Pennsylvania with one hundred other colonists on The Welcome.  Students take on the identity of passengers on the ship and recreate the voyage.  They must also decide what they will bring with them to America. Find out what happens to them on their journey!

The Trial of Margaret Mattson
In 1684, Margaret Mattson was accused by her neighbors of being a witch. This program is a recreation of what would be Pennsylvania’s first and only witch trial. Some students have scripted roles and all other students serve on the jury. The jury decides whether Margaret (who is portrayed by the teacher) is guilty or innocent.

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