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We offer unpaid internships in the spring, summer, or fall to Undergraduate and Graduate students interested in the Museum Field.  We understand the value of their work and our responsibility to mentor the next generation of Museum/Historic Site professionals.  Each internship is tailored to the student’s interests and goals by focusing on a specific project that can be used on the students’ resumes.

Here’s what previous interns have said about their experience:


My favorite thing I did at Pennsbury was getting to work on a social media post about Gulielma [Penn]’s pickles. Getting to work behind the camera, edit, and put that post together was really rewarding and similar to what I want to do next as a history documentarian.

–  Justin

My favorite part was being a part of World of William Penn Day when I got to lead the Harriet Tubman quilt exhibit because I was able to take a leadership role. One day I want to be a leader in the museum world.

– Richard

My favorite part of the internship was working with Rachel, our curator, on taking down the quilt exhibit. I got hands-on experience working with the objects and interacting with the artists, which is what I want to do. I want to work with objects rather than the public.

– Caleigh

All internships (except in special cases) also include general experience in guiding public tours and assisting with specialty programs, visitor services, and other tasks as needed.  This ensures that all students gain a comprehensive knowledge of the daily operations and structure of historic sites, which should help them with deciding their future path in the Museum field.

If you are interested in becoming an Intern, please email us at info@pennsburymanor.org or call (215) 946-0400.

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