Welcome to the Team, Jeremy!

  • March 7, 2024
  • Posted By: Pennsbury Manor

Jeremy the new gardener smiling in front of a garden fence.

Meet Jeremy, our new Historic Gardener. Jeremy brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for nature to his role as a gardener. Prior to joining our team, Jeremy cut his teeth with the renowned Mercer Museum and the National Parks Service, where he not only honed his skills in horticulture but also instilled in himself a commitment to preserving historic grounds.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys taking in the beauty of the natural world. Whether hiking Grand Teton in Wyoming or tending to a kitchen garden, he finds pleasure in connecting with nature.
In his role as historic gardener, Jeremy is committed to growing an accurate 17th century kitchen garden. While flowers are great to look at, a realistic kitchen garden on Penn’s plantation would have been used to grow food.
“I think it’s important when we talk about the kitchen garden to understand that there were at times up to 100 people living on this property, so it would have been incredibly important to be able to feed all of those people,” Jeremy says.
Although we do not know exactly what the garden looked like, Jeremy’s goal is to create an environment that facilitates learning for visitors. In the short term, that means making sure that he grows something to interpret. In the long term, Jeremy wants to leave the garden even better than he found it for the next generation to enjoy.
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