• June 8, 2010
  • Posted By: Pennsbury Manor

Welcome to our new blog!  As a historic site dedicated to excellence, we are constantly working to improve our programs and interpretive content.  Our volunteers serve as the main link between our latest research and the site’s visitors.  Therefore it is vitally important that we provide you, our dedicated volunteers, with the knowledge and tools needed to offer the best visitor experience possible! 

Please be sure to click the “Subscribe” link on the right-hand navigation bar to ensure that you receive an e-mail every time we post something new on this blog!  We’ll be sharing updates on programs, trainings, and new interpretive materials.  Also be sure to watch for exclusive featurettes on aspects of the gardens, buildings, and never-before-seen artifacts! 

Please feel free to comment on our posts, we want this to become a way to discuss your experiences and share knowledge you have gained.  If you find any particular articles or facts you’d like featured, just send it via e-mail and I’ll try to post it!  Enjoy!

~ Hannah Howard, Volunteer Coordinator

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