Know Before You Go

Pennsbury Manor is committed to welcoming all visitors, regardless of ability, and providing reasonable accommodations to those individuals in need of assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, please call (215) 946-0400 ahead of your visit.

Visiting and Parking:

Arriving at Pennsbury Manor on Pennsbury Memorial Road, there are three paths. Take the middle path through metal gates. Click here for directions to Pennsbury Manor. 

The parking lot is accessible via a tree lined path that curves around the front of the Visitor Center. Parking is free for Pennsbury Manor visitors. Pennsbury Manor has 6 designated handicap parking spaces located in front of the Visitor Center. The first 2 spaces have room for unloading a wheelchair.

The outdoor picnic pavilion next to the parking lot is accessible to wheelchair users from the parking lot. Handicap stalls are available within pavilion bathrooms.

Approximately 20 feet from the parking lot, there is a 20-foot ADA compliant ramp with a gentle incline located in front of the Visitor Center on the left side. A power door button on the right side opens the right door to the Visitor Center.

Visitor Center:

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist you with what you need to know before touring the site.


There is a fee to visit the Museum, however we do participate in several discounts and programs, such as discounts for Veterans and Active Duty military, free one-day passes at participating libraries, and the Museums for All program. We offer a $2 discount for up to 4 people for families participating in SNAP/EBT & WIC. Click here for information about tour times and prices.

Restrooms and water fountains

Restrooms and accessible water fountains are located to the left and right of the front desk. Once you exit the Visitor Center, there are no bathrooms or water fountains on the site. Lockers are not available, so we urge guests to leave their personal belongings in their vehicle or to keep such items with them while on site.


We do not have food service available in our museum, but guests are welcome to bring food with them and enjoy outside of historical areas.


We have 2 wheelchairs which can be borrowed free of charge. If you will need a staff person to help push the wheelchair, please let us know as soon in advance as possible.

Exhibit and video

A self-guided exhibit, William Penn: Seed of a Nation is located inside the Visitor Center. This exhibit is included with the purchase of a Grounds Pass or regular Tour Admission and takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. This exhibit is wheelchair accessible. There are two benches located within the exhibit.

Before the start of a guided tour or school program, we will play a 15-minute introductory video inside the auditorium. The auditorium does not have any steps to get in or out. This video may be loud for those with auditory sensitivity. The video has English subtitles. In addition, the auditorium is dark while the video is playing. Those with difficulties seeing in the dark should ask a staff member to adjust the brightness of the lights.

Sensory room

For children with sensory differences, you may borrow noise cancelling headphones at the front desk. Staff can set-up a sensory room with relaxing activities.


The only animals permitted on site are service animals. This includes those service animals in training, in accordance to federal and state policies. Pets and emotional support animals are not permitted at the site out of safety for our farm animals.

Guided Tour and Historical Buildings


A guided tour takes an hour to an hour and a half from start to finish. Purchasing guided tour admission is the only way to enter the Manor House. However, a Grounds Pass may be purchased if you would like to experience the rest of the site at your own pace. Currently, all tours are in English.


The first stop on the tour, located approximately 30 feet from the Visitor Center, is the Boathouse.  A paved wheelchair accessible path leads in and out of the Boathouse. There are benches located inside the Boathouse.

Main path

The guide will then lead you down the main dirt path from the Visitor Center to the historic buildings. The total distance of this path is approximately the equivalent of 2 city blocks. 4 benches are located along the right and left side of the path. The tour guide will accommodate you if you need to take a break. In addition, there are 2 brightly-colored musical benches on which you may sit as part of an art exhibition, nkwiluntàmën.

Joyner shop

The next stop on the tour is the joyner shop. The side door can open with a ramp up; however, this path requires traversing over grass to get to ramp. The ramp may be too narrow for wheelchairs.

Ice house

The interior of the ice house may be viewed either by going up two steps or up a grassy hill on the side. The ice house is not accessible by wheelchair.

Workers cottage

The workers cottage is accessible to most wheelchairs via the main path. The entrance may be too narrow for some wheelchairs.


The smokehouse is viewable to those with wheelchairs via the main path. There is no public entrance to the smokehouse. The smokehouse does not store meat, so there is no odor.

Manor House

The front entrance to the Manor House is located on the riverside through the “upper court.” The upper court has ample seating. To enter the front porch, there are 3 steps up and a step into the door. There are benches in the front porch.

A wheelchair entrance is located between the Best Kitchen and the Great Hall of the Manor House. Your guide will be trained to operate the lift, or you may choose to operate from the wheelchair ramp. Wheelchairs must have wheels that lock and a stable seat to safely use the wheelchair lift. Once inside, the 1st floor is wheelchair accessible.

The staircase to the 2nd floor of the Manor House is 25 steps. There is no elevator to the 2nd floor. We will provide a book with pictures of the rooms if you cannot get upstairs. There are benches on the 2nd floor.

To exit the Manor House, the guide will lead you down 3 steps into the medicine room or, if using a wheelchair, you will exit using the ramp that you used to enter.

Kitchen House

The Kitchen House is accessible via an ADA compliant door. The ground is flat inside; however, some wheelchairs may have difficulty getting through Sam and Sue’s closet and the cistern room.

Kitchen Garden

From the Kitchen House, you can access the Kitchen Garden down 3 steps from the brick path. A ramp to the kitchen house is located on the side opposite the stairs. There is an active bee colony that we keep on the path to the garden.

Inaccessible to wheelchairs

The following locations on the map are not wheelchair accessible or accessible to those with mobility difficulties:

  • River lawn
  • Nature Trail/ Pemberton Cemetery
  • Stable and Blacksmith shop
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