Meet the Interns!

  • May 24, 2011
  • Posted By: Pennsbury Manor

It’s that time of year again…. the school buses are rolling in, the sun is shining (finally!!), and college exams are finished… what does that mean??  You guessed it – the Summer Interns have arrived!!

I’d like to introduce you to the 7 young, friendly faces you’ll be seeing around the site this summer.  While sometimes you’ll see them giving tours, doing laundry, weeding the garden, or prepping program supplies, they will also each be spending some quality time on a special project they’ve been assigned.  Be sure and say hello when you see them… leave the playing ticks to our mischievous gardener Mike! 

Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!Lloyd Frisone (University of the Arts Graduate student, supervised by Tabitha Dardes)
Lloyd will be working on various public relations projects, including updating our Facebook and Twitter feeds and assisting in the development of our new website.

Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!


Danielle Lehr (West Chester University, supervised by Mike Johnson)
When not working in the garden, Danielle will be researching and writing a new Garden Highlights Featurette for the Blog and assisting Ruth with her interpretive project


Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!Ruth Lonvick (University of the Arts Graduate student, supervised by Mike Johnson)
Ruth will be researching & developing a way for us to provide browsing visitors with more information about the Kitchen Garden’s plants and their uses.   She will also get hands-on experience actually working in the garden throughout the season.

Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!



Joshua Martin (Kutztown University student & former junior volunteer, supervised by Hannah Howard)
Josh has such great memories of his time as a junior volunteer, he decided to come back!  Josh will be researching and talking with our youth volunteers to form a new, meanigful, organized volunteer program for our Under-18 recruits!  He will also be helping with volunteer recruitment planning. 


Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!Danielle Straub (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg undergraduate student & former junior volunteer, supervised by Todd Galle)
Danielle will be researching and writing the Collections Highlights Featurette for the blog.  We hope to develop these featurettes comprehensive collections guidebook for volunteers to use as a reference throughout the House. 


Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!Sarah Enke (Bucks County Community College, supervised by Diane Nadler)
Sarah started as a student employee this Spring, and we are very glad she can continue to help out during the summer season.  Sarah does a bit of everything, from giving tours to keeping our period clothing clean and freshly ironed. 


Pennsbury Manor | Meet the Interns!Jennifer Martin (Shippensburg University & 2010 Intern, supervised by Diane Nadler)
We are so glad Jenn is back to run our Summer Camp Program!  But since it’s already planned and she hates to sit around and do nothing, though, we suspect in her extra timeshe’ll have her hands in a variety of projects this summer.


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