Plant Trees at Pennsbury Manor

Plant a seed, help History grow!

William Penn referred to Pennsbury Manor as, “a country life and estate I like best for my children.” Originally, Penn had over 4,000 trees installed at his beloved country estate. This collection included apples, peaches, pears, persimmons, and figs among other numerous non-fruit trees. Today, our 43-acre country estate, situated along the Delaware River, is home to gardens, stables with animals, outbuildings, and a reconstruction of the 1683 Manor House. Visitors enjoy a serene, peaceful place that transports them back to the 17th Century. Vital ingredients in creating this experience are the period gardens and orchards. In Spring 2017, Pennsbury Manor embarked upon a ground-breaking endeavor to recreate Penn’s original orchards, but in a smaller footprint. Penn’s original orchard stretch for 16 acres. Pennsbury’s Orchard Project covers just under 2 acres.  Your generous donations to our Pennsbury Orchard Project will help us to continue to purchase period and heirloom varieties of apple, peach, pears, persimmons, and figs. A number of goals for this venture include expanding our educational programs, enhancing the beautiful landscape of Pennsbury Manor, provide fresh products for our period cooking and beer brewing programs, and develop orchard-to-table dinner events for our Members.

You can donate two way:

CLICK HERE to Donate online

or Send a check payable to “Pennsbury Manor”, attention Orchard Project, to 400 Pennsbury Memorial Road, Morrisville PA, 19067. 


David Healy Front of Manor

Pennsbury Manor and the Arbor Day Foundation have joined together to plant trees at Pennsbury! Join the Arbor Day Foundation today for $10 and they will donate 10 trees to plant at Pennsbury Manor.

Your membership in the Arbor Day Foundation will help future generations enjoy this historic estate for many years to come, and ensure that they will enjoy the peace, tranquility, and beauty of this historic site.

For information on the Arbor Day Foundation and how you can support these two organizations, please visit their website