School Tours & Youth Groups

Pennsbury Manor offers a variety of programs designed specifically for children.  As the only historic site in the country that relates specifically to William Penn, his contributions to Pennsylvania, and his impact on American history, all of our educational programs meet Pennsylvania history standards.  Plus, our hands-on approach to learning means that every student has to the opportunity to be actively involved in the process.   

School Tours are offered at 10:00 am and 11:00 am. A maximum of four classes of 25-30 students can be accommodated at each time. The tour begins with a 15-minute orientation video, followed by a guided tour of the Manor House and a 30-minute hands-on activity such as writing with a quill pen or doing 17th century chores in the Worker’s Cottage such as gathering eggs, fetching water, collecting firewood, sweeping, and setting the table. Following the structured part of your visit, teachers and students can enjoy lunch, explore the grounds and outdoor exhibit areas, make use of our cell phone tour, go to the gift shop, and visit the exhibit. A teacher’s guide for using these self-guiding options is provided upon arrival. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of your tour to allow time for checking-in, bathroom trips, and organizing of students.

Pennsbury By the Day programs offer options for the teacher to design a more in-depth program just for their students.  Your school is the only school on-site that day. Students visit multiple locations. The first three locations are standard: a tour of the Manor House, chores in the Worker’s Cottage, and quill pen writing.  Other locations are selected by the teacher.  Among those options are 17th – century medicine, an open hearth cooking demonstration, kitchen garden activity, a meet the animals program, or a scheduled time to visit the William Penn: Seed of a Nation Exhibit.

Special event days offer unique learning opportunities for students.  In addition to visiting the Manor House and outbuildings, ongoing demonstrations of colonial crafts and trades, children can observe and participate in activities only available for that event. On Harvest Day students crush apples and help make apple cider.  We celebrate the return of spring on Pennsylvania Day with special activities in the kitchen garden and the making of root beer. Our sheep get their annual haircut on Sheep Shearing Day, and there is a special focus on William Penn and his relationship with the Lenape on William Penn Day. Programs run from 10 am –1 pm.

Pre-School Programs are designed to meet the developmental needs of young children four to six years old.  Children get to experience the past through fun activities in an historic setting.  Individual programs can be tailored to meet the needs of your group.

HomeSchool Families:  Whether visiting as part of a larger group or as an individual family, Pennsbury can help you plan your visit to meet your goals.

Scouting Groups:  Pennsbury offers badge and activity oriented activities for Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Boy Scouts.  Service and Eagle Scout projects are also available.

For more information on other educational programs, such as Distance Learning and in-class programs provided by “William Penn” please go to Educational Programs in the Classroom.

Please call 215-946-0400 for reservations or additional information.